Q&A with Abi Hack

by Get Ink on 19th June 2023

Updated 12 months ago

Let’s set the scene with a deep question. What lights up your soul, tattoo and non-tattoo related?

I have such a big love for my sausage dog Loki, I also really enjoy DNB events with my friends, brunches & general fun days out. I am quite a homebody so I really enjoy chilling in my bungalow, creating, watching true crime documentaries & the occasional crap reality TV to lighten the mood.

Give us a quick elevator intro - where do you work, do you have a specialism or tattoo style that you love doing and how long have you been tattooing for?

I work at ABLA Studios which I Co-own with my bestie, Lauren! We are based in Rayleigh in Essex. I have been tattooing for approx 7 years now & I specialise in botanical blackwork pieces as well as patternwork and dotwork.

We’re all about the tech, but we would love to know which products and equipment are your faves?

My favourite staple items when I’m working are: Bishop Wand Packer, Panthera Black XXX ink, Butterluxe process butter & foam, Emalla Cartridges and finally the butterluxe stencil glue ✨

We met at UKTTA this year, are you at any other upcoming conventions or got some cool guest spots lined up?

I have a guest spot with the girls as an 'ABLA takeover' at Aura Ninety Four in September, other than that I don't have any travel plans arranged yet for the rest of 2023. Next year I'd love to do 3-4 conventions so keep your eyes peeled for those 👀

Enough about you, what did you use for bookings before Get Ink slid into your DMs and what is your favourite feature of the platform?

I used to use Jotform and email before Get Ink. It was tedious, confusing, time consuming & just overall- not a fun way of doing admin. Since using Get Ink it has improved my work life exponentially. I find my diary so much easier to organise, the platform is seamless, it creates a more professional relationship between the artist and clients. I could never go back to using emails to do bookings again. I would genuinely be lost without you guys. So please don't go anywhere 🙏