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How does Get Ink work?

Get Ink is an all in one platform for tattoo artists and studios. Track your client journey from the beginning. Let the platform take them through the stages from enquiry to deposit to appointment. Transparent for them, BS-free for you.


Get enquiries

With your own personal enquiry page you get the same type of enquiry every single time. No missing bits, no half arsed enquiries.

Open your diary and then direct clients to your page to send their enquiries. Easy as that.

You can add multiple studios to take enquiries and offer appointments for. Great for guest spots and working across different studios.

With a studio subscription you can receive enquiries to the studio and then assign them to an artist on your plan.


Offer an appointment

View all enquiries in your dashboard. Happy with an enquiry? Send an appointment offer that suits you with a date, time and price.

This gets sent directly to the client with a link to view their appointment offer details. We text and email them for you, don't worry.

A client can never see your calendar availability. You offer the date and time that suits you and your calendar.


Get paid

With a personal link, clients confirm their appointments by paying you, directly via Stripe online.

Client can't do that date? They can reject the appointment and send it back to you to offer an alternative.

When a client pays a deposit the platform tracks this automatically and alerts you within the dashboard.

Everything in one place

Your time is precious - you don't need to manage multiple apps. Clients, enquiries, appointments, messages and calendar all in ONE central place.


All your clients in one place. No more Instagram usernames, no more scrambling around finding details about your clients. Your enquiries and appointments are grouped by clients, exactly how it should be. You can also add clients manually.

You can offer or add appointments directly for clients without an enquiry. Perfect for multi-session appointments and large pieces.


See all your appointments in a week or month view - they get automatically added to your calendar. No more double bookings, doesn't that sound great?

If you're using the platform as a studio then you see all your artists appointments.


Like DM's just without the random people messaging you. Clients can only message you after you have offered them an appointment - so no spammy messages here!

Messages with clients also contain key events from the enquiry and appointment process. Helping to keep a timeline of what has happened with each client.


Keeping you and your client up to date, every step of the way. We send text and emails at each stage of the enquiry and appointment process, so you don't have to.

We send clients an appointment reminder automatically 4 days before their appointment. Helping you avoid those no-shows!


How much do you know about the number of enquiries you receive, your busiest month and how much you money you earn from appointments across the year? Well now you do with Get Ink.



per month

  • A personal enquiry form, no website needed
  • Control your diary to only get enquiries when you need them
  • Easy to use dashboard to manage your enquiries and appointments
  • Calendar view to help visualise your upcoming work
  • Email and SMS notifications for you and your clients



per month

  • Unlimited artists with just one subscription
  • Each of your artists enjoys all the features listed on our artist plan
  • Studio profile page with enquiry form, FAQs and other information
  • A studio specific dashboard where you can assign studio enquiries to your artists
  • Group calendar view, see all your artists appointments in one place








in deposits

Tommygun Tattoo

The team have exceeded our expectations! The dedication and determination to make it the best they can, and continuing support, is both refreshing and reassuring. Get Ink is such an easy and straightforward platform to use and makes all the admin manageable and organised automatically. If you're tattooing and not using Get Ink, we would highly recommend.

- Tommygun Tattoo

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