Available slots

by Get Ink on 11th June 2024

Updated 2 days ago

Clients can now send an enquiry form whilst selecting specific availability that you've added to your profile - great for those gap fillers and last minute cancellations.

How does it work?

Head to the Available slots section in your dashboard and add a new slot. This is a specific date and time that you're looking to get booked for. You can add as many slots as you like but we generally think it works best for filling gaps and when you get last minute cancellations that you need to rebook quickly.

Once added, you get a unique link to share with your clients which can be posted on your Instagram stories, broadcast channels or sent directly to a client.

This will pre-populate the enquiry form with the date and time 🎉 Easier for your client and specific enquiries for you.

Your available slots, if you have any available, will also be shown at the top of your enquiry form allowing your client to choose, if you haven't used the sharing link. A client can also select as many slots as they like.

Do clients book themselves in?

Nope, this bit hasn't changed. These are enquiries as they always have been but with a specific date and time attached so you can be sure to book an appointment more efficiently knowing a client is available for the date and time you need to book.

How do I see those specific enquiries?

The enquiries will drop into your dashboard as normal but in the Available slots section you can click a specific slot and see all the enquiries just for that one date and time.

What happens to the available slot once it has been booked?

You simply archive that specific slot and it won't be shown on your enquiry form.

Do I have to use it?

This is a completely optional feature - if you don't want to show any availability on your enquiry form profile you don't have to. Available slots will only be shown on your profile if you have some dates and times added and active.

If you have any questions or need a hand, just let us know!