5 reasons why tattoo artists and studios should streamline their business

by Get Ink on 20th April 2023

Updated about 1 year ago

Silly question: Who wants to do more tattoos, earn more money, get out of admin hell and reduce those half-arsed enquiries and DMs?

1. Do more of what you love

Gotta pay the bills and get through the cozzie livs crisis but what if you could really niche into your speciality? How would it feel to create more in your style and get rid of the clients that waste your time with their crap ideas, whilst earning the same, if not more money?

Saying no to work that doesn’t light up your soul, well… can’t put a price on that 🖤

2. Better client experience

Smooth onboarding and aftercare will add to the feels for your clients and they will be more likely to tell their pals more about you as an artist or tattoo studio, not just showing off their new sick tattoo.

Put them at ease from that initial interaction. If you find you are building your reputation with clients coming back for more (and more because we have more skin to fill, right?) and with an exceptional service, you can start raising your prices generally.

Don’t compare against other tattoo artists - know your worth and be led by your clients and what you offer.

3. Good for your head

Burnout is f*cking real.

If by day you are a shit hot tattoo artist, then at night moonlighting as your own admin assistant (hello Karen 👋) into the wee hours or dealing with yet another no show, it might be time to trust the tech and let it do the work for you.

No more sh*tty DMs and chasing bank transfers for deposits.

4. Increase your profitability

With more time, what could you do with that?

More tattoos obvs, but you could focus on other areas of running your business to promote yourself to those dreamy clients that love your style. Take a guest spot at a convention, sell some of your own merch, find a decent accountant to take away the numbers nonsense or make plans to start or expand your studio, knowing the sh*tty admin is dealt with.

Or if you don’t want to do any of that? Just enjoy life, it’s far too short and all that ✌️

5. Protect your business and boundaries

Clear tattoo booking Ts&Cs will reduce no shows. Time really does mean money. Putting automated systems in place to be transparent and also chasing anyone who is flakey with payments / timekeeping / life in general will take you away from the conflict and keep the fun in running your own business.

Ok geniuses…. How do I actually streamline my tattoo business?

1. Write down all the ways your clients get in touch with you for enquiries, making appointments, collecting money and any rearrangements to their bookings. It’s a lot right? Use an online booking and payment system that will help you reduce the admin and increase your efficiency. Create a streamlined workflow for consultations, designs and appointment booking to aftercare.

2. Use something simple like a shared spreadsheet or a project management tool to track your supplies and minimise waste.

3. Outsource what you can! You are the expert for your clients, let someone else do the books or get some help with your marketing.