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Blackwork ornamental tattooist

Rayleigh, Essex

Thank you so much for enquiring with me! 🖤

Please note - I am taking enquiries for final spaces in May, through to August 2024. I do my best to fit in as many suitable projects to my style as possible but will always get back to every form, even if I’m not able to accommodate the piece. My main days are currently Tuesday - Thursday, however I also offer occasional evenings. Feel free to enquire for an additional day and I’ll do my best to accommodate but can’t guarantee.

Please ensure when submitting this enquiry that you thoroughly read the terms & conditions below:

🚨 Please read 🚨

All deposits are non-refundable. They are transferable to a new date once and the new date must be within 6 months. If you’re unable to reschedule within the next 6 months please message directly to discuss. Deposits are only transferable if 3 full working days notice is given (Monday - Friday).

If you start taking a new medication which could have an effect on your appointment please let me know at the earliest possibility as this could result in a necessary reschedule. This includes but is not limited to; antibiotics, acne medication, blood thinning medication etc.

Likewise, if you start to feel unwell in advance of your appointment and feel it may have an impact on your appointment or the ability to heal your tattoo, please get in contact. You cannot be tattooed if pregnant or breast feeding.

If you attend an appointment with sunburn or any other hinderance which impacts my ability to complete the tattoo within the allotted time, your appointment and deposit will be forfeited.

I always aim to draw designs a few days before an appointment. This then allows time to make any tweaks needed. Small tweaks to a piece are included within the cost but if an idea is largely changed after a drawing has begun (due to details not included in the booking form), this could incur an addition to the quote.

Thank you for enquiring and I look forward to reading your idea 😁

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