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Karen Maxey

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About me

Hi, I’m a tattoo artist based in Cheshire and have been working at Sharp Art Studios since April 2021. Previously, I lived and worked as a Graphic Artist and Tattooist in London, Hertfordshire and Essex for 23 years. I’m originally from the North West and relocated to Staffordshire in November 2020.

I love nature, wildlife, portraits and I’m a keen amateur photographer. My prefered styles are realism and illustrative.

Thank you for your enquiry.

When filling out the enquiry form, please include as much information as possible including any reference pictures. If you want a cover up, I will need to see a picture of what’s to be covered only then, I can give you an accurate estimate. Prices are based on size and detail rather than per hour.

Deposits are non-refundable, terms and conditions and all information about the studio and parking will be sent once your appointment has been confirmed so don’t forget to ‘accept’ the appointment.

If you have any questions or just need an idea of cost, then use the message feature or email me: