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Tasha Fielding

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Junior Tattoo Artist at The Lounge Tattoo Studio in Aldershot! Mentored by the wonderful @ellsy_pulltattoos!

Located at The Lounge Tattoo Studio in Aldershot!

About me:

I’m a junior artist, mentored by Ellsy_PullTattoos since August 2022 and tattooing humans since I got my license at the end of January 2023! I’m open to any tattoo enquiries & have availability between 10am-5pm Monday to Friday, 11am-5pm Saturday, Sunday but am able to work outside of those hours upon request!

I’m taking enquiries on here but am available on my Instagram DM’s too if you have any questions!

Currently booking January - February!

Remember to include a detailed description of what you’re after, size, placement and reference images if possible!

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