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This booking form makes the whole process easier for me and you, please fill it out as best as you can and I’ll try my best to get back to you asap!

A bit about me - I’m a 23 year old tattoo artist based in the madd tatter studio which is in the wee town of Auchinleck. I’ve been tattooing for 5 years roughly! I absolutely love this job and love meeting different people!🫶

I work tue-sat but can be flexible sometimes with this. Just give me a message if need be!

I don’t work late nights as I have a little one, I will however try my best to accommodate you wether that be working one of my days off or being as flexible as I can with my times.

Please note - there are some medical conditions that may prevent you from being tattooed at this time so please fill in that section as accurately as you can.

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