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waitlist open for July-September !

as soon as i am taking on my next lot of bookings then your enquiry will be replied to ✨


Please provide me with your preferred day of choice/a handful of dates you are available for an appointment and any dates you definitely can't do. My days of work are Tues-Fri.


Please provide a clear but concise description of your tattoo idea. Please try and keep this to a single paragraph and include only information that's relevant to your tattoo.

Don't worry about the style question on this form as any work will just be in my style of work so just 'N/A' this.


You need to include clear, straight on photos of the area you are wanting tattooed. These are to be attached to this form.

Include any surrounding tattoos that may affect placement/size/shape of the new tattoo and any scars. Please be aware I cannot tattoo over scars if they are still red/not fully healed.

Photos are super important so please take the time to make sure they are clear and not angled. Also please avoid mirror pics!

If you are enquiring about a cover up then it is imperative that you attach clear photos and measurements of your existing piece.

If you have any reference photos you think I will find helpful for your design, attach those too.


My 'day' rate is £650 and this is for both session work and one hit pieces.

Smaller, palm sized pieces that require a half day sitting are £350-450 depending on the piece. All bookings require a non refundable and non transferable booking fee of £150-£200 depending on length of appointment.

I do not offer phone consultations nor do I offer in person consultations unless necessary. If you have provided the correct information above then this should be all I will need to book you in! In most circumstances, I will send over the rough version of your design a few days before your appointment so we can check that you are happy before the day of your tattoo.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your interest in my work ❤️

If you would like any studio info regarding accessibility etc before booking please visit the Tudor Row Tattoo website -