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Pardon My French Tattoo

About me

♡ Fineline tattooist, with a love for florals. Based in Camberley, Surrey ♡

•• Booking for September ••

Thankyou for looking to get booked in with me

Please make sure to read carefully and give me as much information as possible!

• If you’re looking to have multiple or matching tattoos in one session, please put it all into one form

✨Just a few things to note✨

• You must be 18+ to get tattooed •

• Please don’t use numbing creams •

• I don’t tattoo fingers or behind the ear •

• I only tattoo in black or red •

• I’m currently not taking on any coverup projects •

• I cannot tattoo you if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or on blood thinning medication •

• I don’t send any designs out prior to appointments •

B x