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Fineline, black and grey illustrative tattoos.

-Saturdays are always the first to go unfortunately so if there is any chance you could do another day of the week please include this in your enquiry as it’s likely this will mean you get a sooner appointment.

-Photos of the placement are super helpful with some indication of the size you’re looking for (drawing on yourself or quickly circling the area on the photo is perfect).

-Please consider where the tattoo is going and dress appropriately for the appointment based on that eg; if I’m tattooing your neck please don’t wear a turtle neck, if I’m tattooing your ribs/torso wearing loose clothing that allows access to the area is ideal and if I’m tattooing your legs don’t wear skinny jeans!

-Eat something before your appointment, you goose

-NUMBING CREAM: I personally am happy for you to use numbing cream for your appointment (providing it is reliably sourced - there’s lots of fake ones out there so keep your eyes peeled). However, it has to be said that the use of numbing cream can impact the quality of your healed tattoo, which is why some artists advocate strongly against it. With this in mind, please use at your leisure.

-Please be sure of the tattoo you’re wanting and enquiring for. Changing the idea completely or drastically changing the placement (eg. Moving the design from your leg to your stomach) once you’re booked in is very lame for me as I’ve already allocated a time slot based on the original request/placement, set the price based on the original request/placement, etc.

-The deposit will be taken off the total cost of your tattoo. I accept cash or bank transfer as payment.

-Bringing a friend: you’re welcome to bring ONE friend with you to your appointment. With this said, if the studio is particularly busy that day it may not be suitable for your friends to sit with you for the entire appointment.