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Becky Adelaide Barker

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Specialising in Colour and symbolic tattooing since 2008 Becky added restorative tattooing to her skill set in early 2019.

Becky uses her knowledge of Symbols and Sigils to create custom pieces to help empower the wearer.

Becky is an experienced and competent tattoo artist, who loves to create tattoos that bring joy into the wearers life. She has a distinct illustration style, which makes her tattoos stand out whilst standing the test of time.

Award Winning Areola Tattoo Artist and TED speaker

I’m am away from work now until the 5th of January, if there is a delay in responding to you I’m not ignoring you I will get back to you asap.

Have a lovely Christmas and new year!!

Please note, Mondays are completely private appointments available for Medical Tattooing only.

The rest of the week, my private booth is used however is a little more noisy.

For areola tattooing, we must leave 12 months after a breast reconstruction and 8 months after a nipple reconstruction before tattooing

If you are low income and require a free of charge clinic date for areola tattooing, please let me know in the notes 💕

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